About Us

It all started in 1984, when we opened The Waterloo restaurant. Our story is one of love and passion. When we founded our restaurant we knew we wanted to create a place where all of Northern California could come to enjoy good food and conversation all in a fun atmosphere. Our vision is to create a place where people can enjoy our rich, flavorful food while feeling like family.

It's only been made better by our homemade BBQ sauce. An old family recipe crafted in the kitchen generations earlier, it combines only carefully selected herbs and spices that are a mix of both old world Italian styles with our new age roots, right here in California. Our homemade BBQ sauce is a perfected family recipe made for any occasion. We offer two flavorful barbecue sauces for purchase. The first is our famous original Waterloo BBQ sauce, a blend of the finest ingredients that combine to make a dark, rich sauce. To satisfy the taste buds of everyone, we offer our Waterloo BBQ sauce in a spicy flavor with the addition of a little kick to the original recipe. The result are two sauces that embody who we are - bold and unique.

We never had any intention of bottling and selling our sauce, but when customers started asking if they could pay to take our sauce home we knew we had something special. Customers no longer have to fill their own containers with our barbecue sauce, as they can buy it online or in person! We're so excited to bring a little bit of our family to yours by offering our BBQ sauce for all to enjoy on pretty much any food you can think of.

Thank you for your love and support. We hope you enjoy!


Bette and JT